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When you work with BD Contractors you are going direct to contractor, cutting out the middlemen and ensuring the best possible price and service. We specialise in vinyl flooring and epoxy floor painting. We also provide all the necessary services for preparing your flooring such as levelling and cement scraping.

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements. We are happy to come down and do a site visit before quoting.

Vinyl Flooring

A highly popular and durable choice in Singapore, Vinyl flooring is manufactured using PVC, a type of durable plastic. It is incredibly long lasting and resistant to impact or abrasion damages. Due to the relatively low price and ease of installation, Vinyl flooring has become incredibly popular in residential and commercial projects.

Our team can handle the preparation of your floor for installation of Vinyl flooring where necessary [i.e., if it is uneven in places].

Epoxy Painting

Usage of epoxy paint for flooring has become common place in Singapore, especially in warehouses, garages, bathrooms, and many other commercial applications. Epoxy paint is tough, durable, and easy to maintain. It is resistant to corrosion and chemicals, and very easy to keep clean.

 It can be an incredibly cost-effective alternative to installing a completely new floor. Epoxy paint is resistant to moisture and can withstand high temperatures. The seamless glossy finish of epoxy paint creates a non-absorbent surface that is easy and efficient to clean, so it also works perfectly in gyms, garages, and areas where there is a risk of spillages.

If you need a skilled contractor to handle epoxy floor painting, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Some of our flooring work

“The team is really nice and professional in their work. They helped us to level out our existing floor and then install vinyl flooring. The price was really good vs. comparable quotes and they were able to complete the job in just 2 days.”

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Our professional painters ensure a high quality of output and leave your space spotlessly clean afterwards.

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We offer affordable pricing on vinyl flooring installation, carpet, cement scraping and epoxy painting for home and offices.

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We offer installation of new equipment or help to diagnose and repair problems with your existing fittings.

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