Plumber in Singapore

Affordable and reliable plumbing contractor

BD Contractors is a safe and trusted set of hands for a wide variety of plumbing services in Singapore. Our list of services includes, but is not limited to:

  • Installation of bathroom items such as toilets, taps, sink, shower, bath tubs etc
  • Installation of glass panels in bathrooms
  • Installation of kitchen items such as sink, taps etc
  • Installation of water piping
  • General plumbing services to resolve issues with existing items

As a direct contractor we are available for larger renovation projects should you require a broader quote that covers elements such as hacking, demolition, and removal work. We also cover flooring, partition walls, false ceilings, electrical work, and painting.

Please get in touch to let us know your requirements and we can provide a highly competitive quote.


Some of our plumbing work

“Very professional service from the team. Piping and shower were installed quickly and the price was really reasonable. Cheapest quote I received.”

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More Services

Hacking, Removal and Disposal Icon

Hacking / Removal / Disposal

Fast, efficient, and affordable hacking, removal and disposal services for private and commercial spaces.


Our professional painters ensure a high quality of output and leave your space spotlessly clean afterwards.

Partition wall & ceiling icon

Partition Walls & False Ceilings

Construction and implementation of partition walls & false ceilings for homes and commercial spaces.

Flooring Icon


We offer affordable pricing on vinyl flooring installation, carpet, cement scraping and epoxy painting for home and offices.

Electrical works icon

Electrical Works

We handle a wide range of electrical works including lighting, relocating and installation of power points, plus much more.


We offer installation of new equipment or help to diagnose and repair problems with your existing fittings.

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