Partition Walls & False Ceilings

Affordable and professional contractor for partition walls and false ceilings in Singapore.

As a direct contractor we offer exceptionally priced partition wall and false ceiling installation for both residential and commercial properties.

Partition walls are a great way to quickly and cheaply transform an existing space. This can be to introduce additional offices or hidden storage, or to create additional privacy between spaces. As required we can also provide solutions for improving the sound proofing within the partition walls to enhance privacy and reduce noise.

Aside from the relatively inexpensive cost of partition walls, they can also be more easily demolished in the future should you need to consider reinstatement before handing back your property to a landlord for example.

Our popular services include:

  • Implementing partitions in residential properties as part of a renovation.
  • Implementing partitions in offices to create additional offices, storage, and privacy.
  • Re-plastering of existing partitions, and painting.
  • Partitions created as feature walls in residential or commercial spaces.
  • False ceilings that act to cover up cabling and piping contained within the ceiling space.
  • False ceilings that act to provide design features.

In addition to helping many clients with partition walls and false ceilings we also help with any electrical work that may be required. This could be installing track or spotlights into the false celing or shifting/installing eletrical sockets and light switches within the partition walls.

With years of experience across a wide range of projects we are a safe and trusted set of hands. We are happy to hear from you on your requirements and provide a no obligation quote.

Partition walls & false ceiling work

“We’ve used BD Contractors a couple of times now for building partition walls to create storage space and cover uneven walls up. They are fast, professional and extremely affordable. Love that they clean up after themselves properly to.”

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